Directive 7


I didn’t really get much of a chance to take advantage of the Double XP weekend this past weekend due to the fact that I began a pretty extensive kitchen renovation in my 105-year-old home, but I did get to play a little on my level 50 Sorcerer Healer, Dodola. Directive 7 popped twice through Group Finder (and amazingly enough I got to play with the same Marauder both times). Though a fun flashpoint, I can honestly say that I absolutely HATE this flashpoint-especially the final boss, Mentor. The first run went pretty smoothly, though we did wipe once on Mentor. The Assassin tank on this run was absolutely AMAZING!!! The second run, however, did not go nearly as smoothly. We had a Level 54 Powertech Tank that seemed incredibly squishy, though that could have also been caused by the incredible lag I was experiencing while attempting to run this flashpoint. The tank then decided to rage quit on the mid-point boss, Bulwark. I didn’t really have any time to attempt a second run with the group after the Tank quit, and I feel bad about that, but what can you do? I anxiously await that next level so I can spend the utility point on Force Mobility which will make defeating Mentor so much easier! The fact that Sorc healers are pretty much stationary except for Resurgence until level 51 makes Mentor incredibly difficult due to the need to run away from the claw. I have two tips to offer for players looking to run Directive 7 though. First, and of utmost importance: DO NOT fall into the water!!!!!! This is incredibly annoying and makes the rest of your group feel like you have no idea what you are doing (trust me-I’m the one that fell into the water on both runs). Secondly, if you are tanking, please make sure that your healer is tagging along with you. If you initiate combat away from the healer, you should expect to die or at least come close. I realize that tanks set the pace for the adventure, but please take the time to make sure that the rest of your party is within Line Of Sight before pulling. If you don’t want to wait for your party, expect to die.

Now that I have finished that rant, I would like to note that I had the distinct pleasure of recording a Guild Ready Check with the Pretty Little Sith that will appear on the Corellian Run Radio podcast. I look forward to the exposure that the Order of Shadow Knights may receive from that spot. Make sure you catch Corellian Run Radio and follow Pretty Little Sith at and Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

May the force serve you well.


4 thoughts on “Directive 7

  1. Oh dear, the troubles of pugging flashpoints… I’ve ended up with random people ragequitting over strange things more than once and vastly prefer playing them with friends.

    The way your sorcerer healer must play right now is pretty much equal to how it used to play on max level before 3.0. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the higher mobility soon – I know I do! Maybe it’s a leveling incentive. 😉

    I must disagree with “Sorc healers are pretty much stationary except for Resurgence”, though. You’re forgetting one of the most important sorc skills: the bubbles! Vastly underestimated by many sorcs in my opinion. When I’m healing hardmode operations, over 1/3th of my effective healing comes from bubbling people (of course, the amount differs per fight, but 1/3th is the bare minimum). You can do them on the run and they give you some breathing time for fitting heals to come off cooldown. And the best part is that they work when needed, so even when you are stunned or otherwise unable to heal the needy. 🙂

    I should probably stop with my bubble fangirl talk now before I’m scaring you away. ^^


  2. Oh I love the bubble, but until you are able to spec into the utility that provides actual healing during it, all you are doing is preventing damage. I try to keep my bubble on the tank at all times, and often during boss fights I will bubble the DPS. The problem with Mentor is that damn claw. As a Sorc, you can bubble the tank while (s)he is taking damage from that giant flippin’ robot, but you can’t really do much other than Resurgence when that claw is chasing you down. Most of my effective healing comes from a buffed Innervate from casting Resurgence. I totally agree with you about the bubble though.

    I still hold to the fact that Sorc healing is stationary because the bubble is a damage prevention ability rather than a healing ability. Dark Infusion is a stationary skill, as is Innervate. I can run and cast Resurgence while avoiding that red circle on the floor, but I can’t stand and get a heal to actually complete casting unless I’m ready to get hit with a 2.5k hit to my health, and in paper armor that hurts!

    I really haven’t had the ability to play any flashpoints with friends or guildies. I have pugged every last flashpoint that I have ever done. This is one of the things that kept me from running them on Zernebog. I was terrified of tanking those flashpoints because I wasn’t confident in my ability to hold aggro. After seeing how other tanks act, I am confident that I could have managed them.

    I appreciate your comment though! I love having feedback from the rest of the community.


    • I love the bubble discussion, because it boils down to this one very elemental question: what is healing? This post inspires me to write a blog post about that. Might be a while before it’s done (I have too many blog posts behind-the-scenes that I’m working on), but I’ll let you know. 🙂


      • To me, healing is moving the health bar up. I feel that way from both the healer and tank perspectives. As a tank, I love having the bubble on me when I am tanking a boss. One issue that I would probably be able to overcome pre 3.0 is that Revivication was fully powered. Using that pre-nerf would probably allow me to heal through most of Mentor, but the lack-luster healing of post-nerd Revivication makes getting large heals off really difficult. This is exactly why I feel like Sorcs are immobile until that Utility can be spec’d into. Using three stacks of Force Surge on Revivication to get that instant heal would probably allow me to heal through that boss fight. Otherwise I absolutely love the class and look forward to putting my two cents in on your post. Feel free to comment on mine anytime!!


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