Juggernaut Keybinds


As many have seen, there are several keybinding guides out there, so I thought that I would give a post of how I use keybinds on my Juggernaut Tank.  I will post another later that will also show my Sorcerer Healer keybinds, but I don’t have a screenshot of that quite yet.  To me, it was easier to group similar abilities together, or abilities that often follow each other in my rotation together.  I should, however, note that I move solely with a mouse, having backward bound to the scroll wheel of the mouse.   I only have the keyboard for my laptop and a normal two-button mouse with scroll wheel.

Featured image

Here are my main two Quickbars.  The top contains my main combat abilities along with my resting regeneration ability and my class buff.  I have these bound to 1 thru Equal Sign.  The abilities are as follows (along with the bound keys):

1:  Assault (This ability generates rage and is a relatively low-threat and low-damage ability, but having it bound to 1 is easy to hit and allows me to continue the fight while some abilities are on cool-down)

2:  Aegis Assault (places a defense buff when used and has taken the place of Sundering Assault following 3.0)

3:  Force Leap (this is the ability that I usually use to initiate combat, quickly closing the gap between the enemy and me)

4:  Ravage (just a damage dealer, good amount of damage, but low threat)

5:  Smash (applies a debuff to enemies that wonderfully synchronizes with Crushing Blow, also an AOE ability)

6:  Crushing Blow (generates high threat and is a small AOE ability)

7:  Force Choke (generates high threat while immobilizing the enemy, great on the Immortal Juggernaut because it no longer has to be channeled)

8:  Saber Throw (I will often use this ability to hit a mob that is away from the group so that I get aggro on it as well)

9:  Vicious Throw (Juggernaut finishing move, only useable if the enemy is below 30% health)

0:  Intercede (allows me to leap to an ally while lowering their threat)

-:  Class Buff (this is in the same location no matter which class)

=:  Regeneration Ability (also in the same location no matter which class)

F1:  Force Scream (easily accessible and provides a shield to me while generating high threat)

F2:  Disrupt (Juggernaut interupt)

F3:  Sweeping Slash (AOE strike that can hit up to three targets.  Allows me to continue to fight while keeping aggro)

F4:  Retaliation (Finally off the GCD!  Lowers mobs’ accuracy while increasing my defenses)

F5:  Taunt

F6:  Threatening Scream (AOE Taunt)

F7:  Vicious Slash (a rage burner.  I hardly use this ability because I can use so many others and would rather generate rage than burn it)

F8:  Backhand (generates a high amount of threat while stunning most enemies)

F9:  Heroic Moment

F10:  Intimidating Roar (paralyzes weak and standard mobs for a few seconds).

F11:  Guard

F12:  Force Push (great to use to group mobs together.  Using it also finishes the cooldown on Force Leap)

So my opening rotation generally consists of Force Leap to a target, a short jog over to the next part of the group to Smash (especially now that it no longer requires a selected target), Crushing Blow on the original target, Sweeping Slash against the group (unless there is a ranged mob firing at my group in which I Saber Throw at him/her before Sweeping Slash the group).  I then tend to begin to change my targets by grabbing one in Force Choke, using Ravage on the next, then Backhand on yet another.  From this point, I generally have pretty decent threat against the group.  This is especially true when I am on a single target (though I then delay the use of Backhand).

Defensive Cooldowns

Featured image

These are bound to QWERTY and DFASGH

Q:  Saber Reflect (reflects damage back to the attacker, generating a high amount of threat)

W:  Control Breaker (I don’t remember the name of this ability, but it is a self-cleanse)

E:  Invinsible (reduces 40% of all incoming damage)

R:  Saber Ward (this is where I bind any kind of shield, whether it is Saber Ward of the Sorc “bubble”)

T:  Relic

Y:  Enrage (immediately grants 6 rage)

D:  Enraged Defense (grants “x” charges and as damage comes in, heals for a specific amount)

F:  I don’t remember the name of this ability, but it grants a 30% HP increase for 30 seconds, reducing back to normal after.             This is great for “OH SHIT” moments or on cooldown in a boss fight to help cushion the healer

A:  Unused

S:  Chilling Scream:  Slows mobs’ mobility

G:  Relic

H:  Unused


The only other real keybinds that I have are a shift modifier attached to F1 to trigger my mount.  This is located on Quickbar 4 (along with some almost never used abilities such as Sacrifice, Legacy Force Choke, etc).  Quickbar 5 does not really contain any keybinds because I have abilities associated with it that are used often enough that it is a pain to open up the “Abilities” tab to use them (such as Companion Dance, Quick Travel, and my Emergency Fleet Pass).  I also have my medpacks installed on the top set of Quickbar 5.  I just don’t really use medpacks that much.

Zerne Quickbar 4

Quickbar 4

Zerne Quickbar 5Quickbar 5


So what are your keybinds like?  Do you find it easier to move with keybinds or with a mouse?  Do you have any advice for me moving forward with my own keybinds?  Any feedback you would like to leave would be more than helpful as I continue to try to improve my ability to tank more and more difficult content.  As always, I appreciate your attention to Zerneblog and the feedback that continues to come from the rest of the community.

May the force serve you well!


4 thoughts on “Juggernaut Keybinds

  1. TankingFTW says:

    (I’m really bored and going through your old posts, commenting when I feel like saying something :-))

    I use a gaming keypad, the Razer Orbweaver. It has completely changed the way I play SWTOR and made it much easier on my hands. With the keypad on my left hand and the mouse on my right, I only use the keyboard for typing text.

    The Orbweaver has a basic 3×4 grid, with a thumb button you can use as a modifier to switch to another 3×4 grid. I map buttons 1-12 to the grid and to the slots on quickbar 1. I set the modifier to shift, so shift + 1-12 is quickbar 2. Typically, I can fit all my abilities into these 24 keys. I have other, rarely used abilities on quickbars 3, 4 and 5 and I click those if I really need to. There are 8 other keys on the Orbweaver that I used for stuff like ESC, TAB, CTRL, mount-up, etc. There is a 4-way thumbstick used for navigation. Took me a while to get used to it, but now I can seamlessly move and rotate with the combination of the mouse and thumbstick.

    I went through my characters and tried to make keys similar across them. Buttons “-” and “+” (11 and 12 for me) are AOEs, Button 0 is my interrupt, Button 5 is some speed boost or escape ability (force speed, hydraulic overrides, hightail it, etc.). Buttons shift+5 and shift+6 are for defensive cooldowns, buttons shift+11, shift+12 are typically offensive cooldowns (recklessness, vent heat, etc.).. and so on. Buttons shift+7 and shift+8 are Taunt and AOE taunt / aggro drop. There are exceptions (like my jugg, who has no offensive cooldowns but approx. 500000 defensives), but in general this works out.

    I’m still trying to rationalize the basic rotation keys (should fit into 1-9), but I have played some characters for so long, that it might actually be counter productive to change at this point since I’m working against muscle memory. This does lead to some disorientation when I switch characters (I have way too many alts!) but it works well for me.

    I will say that the keypad has eliminated any finger / wrist pain I had and just made the game smoother to play.


    • Right on. I appreciate the feedback. Especially noticing that you run other tanks. There are very few tanks in my guild so I don’t usually get a chance to talk to people about it. I’m always open to advice and feedback, so whatever you can offer I appreciate.


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