Guildies are like family

Heyo, everyone!  (Like that, Xarg?  That “heyo” was just for you!) I unfortunately have not gotten much of a chance to have a presence in-game this week, and that has led me to really miss my guildies!  Though we do have our own guild website where I (or any of our other guildies) can check-in and throw some information onto the forums or send messages to guildies that may need some assistance, there is nothing like being on our Raidcall channel and chatting with the regulars while we are all in-game. It has been quite some time since I have had the pleasure of not only belonging to a group but actually having a tangible role in that group (for any of those that do not know, my main is a Juggernaut tank and I have grown to love tanking so much that I have recently rolled a Powertech and will eventually roll a Tankasin as well).

On another note, it is so refreshing to see more and more new members coming into my SWTOR family.  We have had an influx of new recruits lately, and I love seeing the new blood!  I hope some, at least, have been due to my Guild Ready Check appearance on Corellian Run Radio (episode 138: From SWTOR with Love-my Guild Ready Check is from about 48 minutes to 52 minutes), but we have not heard one way or the other from many of our new recruits. I am just so happy to see my Star Wars family growing more and more.

In some guild news, we just got our Guild Flagship!!!  It bears the name of one our chief contributors (no, not me, we have some people in the guild that are able to devote much more time in-game than I seem to be able to). I am looking forward toward the ability to take a stroll around it once our interior decorator has had her way with it. Stay tuned for some pics from the Steel Shadow and our guild Stronghold.

How much do you feel like your guildies are part of your extended family?  Am I crazy to feel that strong of a connection with people I have never met?  I know we all develop friendships through the games we play online (especially when we cooperate with other players), but people look at me funny when I talk about my in-game friends. Especially since chances are I will most likely never meet many of them in person.


3 thoughts on “Guildies are like family

  1. Congratulations on your guild ship! My Republic guild also feels a bit like a family. Part of that is because we’ve been playing together for many years: we started out as a LotRO guild (kinship in that game). It’s nice to have a feeling of belonging. Not all guilds are like that, so cherish what you have (although, you already seem to be doing a fine job of that). ^^


    • Aaawwww, thanks Ravanel! I had an assassin that belonged to a different guild once upon a time, but the guild never seemed overly welcoming. That was also my first toon, and whatever guild invite I got I went ahead and took without looking into the guild at all. I didn’t really look into OSK either (also just accepted the first guild invite that came along), but guild chat was always engaging, and people actually seemed to want to talk to me. I started advancing a little and began interacting in guild chat, and before you know it I have all these wonderful people around me. I probably wouldn’t have stuck with SWTOR so long (had major laptop issues) had it not been for my Imperial Family.

      Kinships seem like an incredibly apt term to use for the kinds of bonds some guilds can foster.


  2. TankingFTW says:

    Guilds are awesome! I started in the game with a large, somewhat casual guild. I made lots of friends there, but it was not the best fit for what I wanted to do (I got addicted to operations, and the guild raid times and their raid environments were not working for me). I met some guys while pugging some Ops and they invited me to join their small guild. I joined them and it’s been like my home ever since. We spend hours in Teamspeak with each other – raiding, goofing off, etc. Being a small guild, we are all pretty close to each other. As you have said – my guild and raids are the only reason I’m playing this game…


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