Though I have been level 60 since a couple of weeks after Shadow of Revan went live on early access (I had hit 59 after finishing Legacy of the Rakata the first time), I just defeated Revan in solo mode yesterday (yes, yes, I know, if you can’t beat Revan in solo mode you should be kicked in the face).  I was a little surprised about all the mechanics that go along with the solo-mode though.  I won’t go into spoilers because I know I have at least a few readers that have not yet defeated Revan on all their toons (and I know there is a little something special said by the Emperor to the Warrior class).  The fight was an absolute blast, and it gave me time to go back and do a shit-ton of dailies (something that I have been very very lax in completing).

I spent a lot of that time running dailies in hopes that I would be able to amass large quantities of Basic Commendations because I still don’t have all my 186’s….

zerne char sheet

This character sheet is a little dated because I was able to throw some new mods into a couple of those pieces.  I now only have to get my main hand and boots up to 186 (and get some new boots because I friggin’ hate those pirate boots).  The belt, however, is 192, so I can’t do much with it until I am able to start running some of these new Operations (*shudder*).  Oh, and I didn’t realize at the time, but I changed my saber too!  I’m now using the Reformer’s (?) Star-forged saber out of the Dark Apprentice’s pack (the sounds on it are great!).  Now I just need to take a look at optimization because Basic Gear for Juggernaut tanks is rather lack-luster.  It’s all Shield/Absorb and no Defense.  Granted I could be working toward doing augments to add to my gear so that I can then add Defense (Redoubt?) augments, but I also see that Powertech tanks have Defense enhancements in their Basic Gear.

I was also invited by one of our former Guild-mates to run some tactical flashpoints with him, so the fact that he asked for my help made me feel pretty good.  I mentioned as much on RaidCall and was told that I am usually a pretty amazing tank, which also made me feel pretty good.  I am glad to know that I am not a liability to the group unless my gear just isn’t up to snuff.

Anyway, Revan was fun.  The gear grind is grinding on my nerves, but it’s part of the game.  I found out I’m a capable tank.  All in all a good week.  How has your week in SWTOR been?  Do you have any advice for me as I work to optimize my 186 gear going into some of the old end-game content and *gulp* level 60 hardmode Flashpoints?  I look forward to hearing your feedback!


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  1. TankingFTW says:

    I started off 3.0 with my old 180 gear on my guardian tank. Couple of my guildies learnt most of the 186 schematics within the first week, and made me a lot of stuff for future purple mats (I have awesome guildies). In time, I learnt all the useful schematics as well so I could be self-sufficient and help others.

    So I got crafted:
    – 186 purple earpiece
    – (ignored 186 implants, since I had Dread Master / 186 ops ones already)
    – 186 purple relics
    – 186 might hilt
    – 186 immunity / sturdiness enhancements (these are the best ones)
    – 186 augments – most of the redoubt/defense but a couple of absorb ones
    – 186 purple stims

    I still had my old 180 armorings / set bonuses and 180 optimized mods. This took my total mitigation (defense + shield + absorb) into the 3500 range, which was plenty good.

    With this, I tanked Ravagers and TOS SM, and also DF NiM, which got me gear over many weeks. I am slowly converting my 180/186 gear to 192 as I win more loot. More importantly, as my guildies get more loot, I am getting a lot of “left side loot”. Last week, we did TOS SM and 5 relics dropped – I grabbed 4 of them since no one else needed or wanted them. In one run, both tank and DPS relics done for me :-).

    I would recommend that you gather / buy the purple mats needed (Autoimmune Regulators, Doonium, Midlithe Crystals, Adaptive Circuitry) and get yourself the above. If that is too expensive / time-consuming, start with the blue ones.. the blue mats are really cheap and easy to get.


  2. TankingFTW says:

    Another point:

    If you are serious about tanking the “harder” content (ops, couple of the difficult HM flashpoints), you want to augment, get set bonuses and min-max your gear. Get blue augments to start with, get the blue 186 tanking relics. See if you can run the older operations with guildies/friends and get set piece gear – even the old 4 piece set bonus in 168/180 is (IMO) better than 186 non-set bonus armorings.

    With patch 3.2, the older operation weeklies will give you ultimate comms, so you can get 198 off-hands as well as ear-piece and implants, and those are pretty decent too.


    • I have often heard that set bonus gear is superior to higher-rated non-set bonus gear. To get the 180’s we’re talking about NiM DP and DF though, aren’t we? That is still intimidating to me. I saw a Bestia (I think) fight on YouTube and there were so many adds that I felt like I was losing my mind. Granted having a second tank to scoop them up would be really helpful, but wow. I mean just. Wow. I don’t know whether I am ready for that. We did EV (hardmode I think), and I have been up to the land mines in EC (Story and Hard modes), but have not really done much else. We couldn’t do much on Dash’roode in SnV due to trying to 5-man story mode, and I was sole tank in a mix of 172’s/178’s/186’s. He just ate me up. We got him to around 30 or so percent.


  3. TankingFTW says:

    Here is where gear comes from:

    – 162 set bonus gear (Arkanian) : SM TFB and S&V
    – 168 set bonus gear (Underwold) : HM TFB and S&V
    – 162 one random drop : SM TC (Toborro’s Courtyard)
    – 168 one random drop : HM TC
    – 174 set bonus gear (Kell Dragon) : NiM TFB and S&V
    – 162 random drops + one 168 random off the last boss : SM DF and DP
    – 180 set bonus gear (Dread Forged) : HM DF and DP
    – 186 set bonus gear (Dread Master) : NiM DF and DP
    – 192 set bonus gear (Resurrected) : SM Ravagers and ToS
    – 198 set bonus gear (Revanite): HM Ravagers and ToS

    I would say use a set bonus armoring up to two tiers below the non-set bonus one (use 180 set-bonus upto 192 non-set bonus).

    The old ops are pretty forgiving at 60 and a good way to practice tanking. You might need to convince your guildies to take you 🙂


  4. To make things even more confusing for you, I’d argue against gathering 180 gear. Doing old operations for the *experience* of tanking is good, but I wouldn’t fuss too much about the 180 gear, because that’s a waste of your time. I mean, you can get *crafted* 186 gear, the tanky 186 stuff for basic comms isn’t bad and even flashpoint drop em.

    Now I’m by no means an amazing tank or anything, but I do successfully tank operations and HM flashpoints and you can read here how I started out with that:

    The ‘old’ 60 hardmode flashpoints were really good for me to start with: they taught me how to handle large groups of mobs (for instance during the many trash pulls), but they were also challenging enough to teach me when to use my defensive skills. Of the 2 ‘new’ hardmode flashpoints, Battle for Rishi is a good one to do as well (if you skip the bonus boss). I’d wait with Blood Hunt hardmode until you have some good gear and experience, because that one’s the hardest of them all.

    When you have some experience with tanking FPs and it all starts to feel familiar, start with storymode operations. The new ops aren’t all that hard on SM, especially the Ravagers. If your guild hasn’t done many operations lately, Ravagers would be the easiest for them to beat. It would be best to do ops together with another tank that has already done them and can give you pointers. Having good contact with your other tank is vital for tanking successfully anyway.

    To be clear: when I started tanking storymode operations, I was in mostly unoptimized 186’s (and lower), without set bonus. SM raids are actually designed to be beatable without set bonus gear, because they reward with it. So that is something you shouldn’t fuss about all that much. Skill is much more important than gear. The 186 gear I got from basic comms and flashpoints was sufficient for me to be healable and clear both raids on SM.

    What I did do was try to optimize my defensive stats. If you’re not much of a theorycrafter keeping up with calculations on the forum, I’d advice using to check what your best defense/shield/absorb stat distribution is.

    Good luck!


    • Awesome!!! Thanks for the link! I will be sure to take a look. We just got a great Immortal Juggernaut into our guild and he has kind of taken me under his wing and is helping me get better. I was running Manaan (SM) yesterday, but I was experiencing such horrible lag that I would be attacking the “praying” boss and all of a sudden my attacks would stop being recognized. When game playability finally returned, I was trapped in that insta-death electrified water mechanic. I felt like such a horrible burden. I finally ended up losing connection to the server and my game client closed on its own. When I logged back in, I wasn’t able to rejoin.


  5. TankingFTW says:

    All good points. My recommendations are coloured by what I like doing – I am, very addicted to doing operations, and would suggest that you do them just for the sheer joy of doing them :-). I live for those perfect moments when everything comes together and you successfully kill a boss. My latest example – after 40 attempts, we finally killed NiM Styrak with that perfect run. I walked on air for a week 🙂

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    • I will absolutely be tanking Ops simply just to tank them. I will also follow Rav’s advice and work on the Hard Mode Flashpoints. I have two companions in 192’s from the Yavin 4 weekly (just now getting the second one) so the next time I am on (if at all for the rest of the week) I will try queuing for some hard mode FP’s. It seems they only tend to work if I am playing at home though.


      • Well, that’s not totally true. I have waited in queue for hours waiting for a classic hard mode or tactical (Forged Alliances or Rishi) flashpoint on Zerne. Now that I am closer to those 186’s I am more confident in my abilities to tank them. I am almost afraid to run the 60 hardmode though.


      • That’s strange. Maybe you were queuing on an irregular time? Although there’s always trouble with the non-60 FPs – just not enough people wanting to do them.

        Maybe try queuing with some guildies if you’re afraid of negative feedback? I’d totally let you tank some FPs for me (yes, please), but alas you’re on a different server (and the gaming PC still doesn’t work, notwithstanding some heroic attempts to counter that on my part).


  6. I think 3.0 was still pretty new the last time I tried, and it took me a little while to get to 60 after 3.0 launched. I know I don’t have the best gear for tanking 60 hard modes though. I’m almost there, but not quite. My mainhand is still in 172’s and my chestpiece is still a 178. Everything else is ready to go, but now I’m down to less than half a mil in credits so I have been running dailies on Yavin 4 (mostly the weekly so that I can get my 192 companion gear along with my Ultimate and Elite Comms) and Section X, Black Hole, and Oricon to get my Basic Comms. So close I can taste it! I’ll start tanking again soon though now that I am closer to getting my gear ready. Also, I’ll bet you’re on a European server, aren’t you? If you’re on an East Coast (US) server, I would be willing to roll a new toon just for the chance to play with you.


  7. TankingFTW says:

    Hey Zerne, so you if want to roll a toon on JC, i would totally vote for it :). I could take you through all the old ops and totally gear you up and so on.


  8. TankingFTW says:

    I live mostly on the pub side @ Jedi Covenant with my guildies, where I have 8 level 60s. I do have 4 level 60s on the imp side, but I don’t play all that much there since all my fun stuff happens pub side :-).

    If you do make a JC toon, let me know. I can totally make another guardian or better still, a third vanguard just for fun. I just bought a server slot too, since it was on sale at the cartel market :-).


    • That’s how I have been on the Ebon Hawk. I have my one level 60, a 50 (almost 51), and a 17. All belong to the same guild. I’ll think about your offer of rolling on JC though.


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