Developer Appreciation Week

Well, it seems that Developer Appreciation Week has come, and frankly, I’m happy about it.  I have seen so much hatred going against Bioware Austin recently, and while I realize that there are more and more aspects of the game that should be repaired and bugs that need to be fixed, I can always look around the world around me and be excited about all the work the developers have put into SWTOR.  So many of the planets are made up so beautifully (even the planets I absolutely hate are beautiful like Alderaan and Tatooine).  And aside from that, you can really tell that the developers really put some time into the making of SWTOR when you look at how wonderfully all the character models have been made.  There is such an amazing amount of species diversity in SWTOR, and even the NPC’s are well made.


I could go on and on and on about the beauty of SWTOR, but this is not its only strong suit.  The story is just so amazing as well.  Calphaya (Spawn of the Dread Master) has gone into so many critiques about the various class stories, so if you would like to read more about them (the reviews are full of spoilers, but then again, how can you review something without giving spoilers!?).  She has done such a better job concerning the stories than I ever could, so really, if you’re interested, check them out!  Not only are the stories amazing, however, but the voice acting is top notch!  Granted I have only finished 3.0 on one character (Zernebog, my main), and have only one other character in the higher levels (Dodola is getting ready to walk onto Voss), but the stories have all been so great, and the voices are just amazing.  I love the way Zernebog sounds, especially with that respirator on.


You can just tell that the development team at Bioware Austin really poured their heart and soul into SWTOR because of all the attention to detail that they put into it.  Nothing ever appears choppy or out of place, and even the things that seemed as if they were rushed have been done with amazing grace.  I wish more of the players would look back to the when they were first beginning to play and realize what a wonderful job the developers did when creating this game.  I have played so many console games, and SWTOR is my first MMO, but the enormity of the game just blows my mind every single time I play.

Every.  Single.  Time.

Keep up the good work, Bioware, you have a wonderful game here.


11 thoughts on “Developer Appreciation Week

  1. Calphaya says:

    Well said.
    The visual appeal of the galaxy which we are able to explore is definitely a significant anchor point for this game; whilst people will always complain of the scale of certain planets from a questing perspective, just as many will compliment the beauty of them and express gratitude at not being stuck on a “less attractive” world.
    This game does indeed have a lot going for it, regardless of how many naysayers choose to speak against it.


  2. Great blog post! It is always good to look at the good things that we do have in the game. Are things perfect? No, but name one thing in this world that is.

    Keep up the great blog man!


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