A Little Bit of Everything

So, this week has been all over the place for me. I haven’t really been in SWTOR much lately either. One thing I have managed to do, however, is to spend about half of my credits buying Redoubt augments (a Guildie of mine made me some of the MK-10 kits and is also making me the rest of my 186 Redoubt Augments). I have also gotten myself down to only needing a main hand to complete my 186 set (though I am getting close to having enough Elite Comms to buy a 192 offhand to rip the mods for my mainhand).

One of the best parts of this week (at least as far as SWTOR goes) is the fact that I FINALLY have a decent pair of boots.


As many of my Guildies can attest, I have had one hell of a time finding a pair of boots that are palatable to my taste. I have been running around in the 178 Rishi pirate boots since I got them because I changed costumes shortly after Ilum (I had been in the Reinforced Mulline Chestguard from the Heroic 4 Pound of Flesh or that one about Jedi on Nar Shaddaa and the Indignation Greaves that were more of a skirt than pants).


My old skirt used to hide my boots, so I didn’t really give a shit what they looked like. Before taking up the Forged Alliances arc, I started running Dailies in Section X and Black Hole where I found the Heavy Ciridium Body Armor that I currently have equipped (only now containing a primary black and secondary light gray dye module). But, I digress, back to the boots. I bought a pair of Indignation Boots off the GTN since I was looking for 186 Redoubt Augments (106k each on Ebon Hawk!!!!). I like the new boots much better than those damned pirate boots.

I also now have four pieces augmented for 186 defense stats (+32 power and +54 defense). Though this only brings my defense chance up to 18%, it at least helps me move over the hurdle of Warrior basic gear being full of Shield/Absorb rated gear. I just need to swap some of my enhancements out once I get enough Midlithe Crystals to craft purple Immunity enhancements (defense heavy). Gearing at 60 is almost like having to relearn the entire game!  I will of course continue to grind out my dailies for Comms, credits, and nodes, but it all depends on whether or not I can get enough basics to buy Bounty Hunter gear (optimized with defense of course) or gain enough Midlithe crystals to craft the enhancements. Oy-vey.

SaberChestpieceHead Piece

(Though the Tooltip is not pictured here, my gloves are also augmented, just didn’t get the Screenshot)

And now for a horse of a different color. I have finally succumbed to the socials. I now have a Twitter feed (you can find me with @zerneblog) and a Google+ account (Zerneblog-are you catching on to the theme here?).  Otherwise, I still have my gmail account as well (you guessed it- Zerneblog at gmail dot com). Feel free to follow me if you’d like, or whatever it is Google+ does. I will probably start a Facebook group in the near future as well, but that will be included on a post when the time comes.

I have had a couple of people mention to me that I should roll a toon on Jedi Covenant as well. So far, all of my toons have been on the Ebon Hawk, so going to JC (can’t you see JC, you’re alright by me, sannah hosannah hey superstar!-sorry, I have mental problems) would be interesting to say the least. But what do you think?  I am especially interested in hearing from you that have toons that cross server boundaries. How do you stay in contact with your home guild?  Do some guilds have cross-server representation?  Should I roll a toon on Jedi Covenant (no, I don’t do open world PvP-sorry XamXam)?


5 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything

  1. Good luck with playing on another server in addition to your “home”; I’ve never managed it. The draw of my legacy and a server where I know people is just too strong!


    • Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about too. I know I can stay on RaidCall with my home guild, but wouldn’t be playing along with them. Not to mention the loss of my Legacy.


  2. There are a few guilds that I know of with chapters on dual servers, but they tend to be Jedi Covenant and Shadowlands. I sort of fell into have two servers to play on because I had friends established on both. After a while, Jedi Covenant was where I was putting in more time, so it’s become my main server. All my unlocks and legacy achievements are there. On Shadowlands, I work on one character for raiding and that’s it, so time taken away from the home guild is pretty minimal.


  3. Great wrapup of some exciting things from Star Wars celebration. And if you’re thinking of rolling characters on new servers, might I suggest the ever-hated place I call home, harbinger? There’s lots of things going on if you can play in the PST time zone.


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