Caution:  Brain Matter Ahead

I first wanted to apologize for missing last week’s blog post. There has been so much going on with Star Wars over the last fourteen days that I thought my brain was going to explode!  So, where do I even begin?


Double XP Week

I am so glad that I got a chance to really take advantage of the double XP in SWTOR over the past week. I chose to focus mainly on my new Powertech, Ja’rilo, and over the past week I was able to take him from a lowly level 17 to level 27, all without getting my D7 Mantis or finishing Drommund Kaas. How, you ask?  Lots and lots and lots and lots of Flashpoints. In one evening I tanked Mandolorian Raiders five times in a row (and managed to get a few decent gear drops). Unlike many, though, I really hate running Kuat Drive Yards over and over again. I really am not a huge fan of Tacticals because they don’t allow me to hone my skills as a tank. I, of course, ran one run of KDY everyday that I played for the 20 Basic Comms it grants through Group Finder, but I didn’t want KDY to me my leveling strategy. Especially since you really only get reputation and XP for it. I needed that sweet sweet gear.

So, what kind of drops did I end up with?  Well, I got the Athiss Enforcer’s Headgear (that weird Miner-looking Bounty Hunter helm from Athiss; thank goodness for the Hide Head Slot function!!),

Athiss Headgear

the Clan Varad Recon Body Armor (the one with the bandolier down the front in a mustardy-goldenrody color scheme),

clan varad recon body armor

Blademaster’s Clan Varad Greaves (those vertically striped pants for Juggernauts, but since we didn’t have a Juggernaut in the group I won them with a greed roll and replaced the mods with Commando mods and an Absorb enhancement).

Blademaster's Clan Varad Greaves

Between these drops and the Formal Boots from the Social Vendor in the Nexxus Room Cantina and the Butcher’s Gauntlets from the Dark Side vendor on fleet,

Butcher's Gauntlets

With the Great Hunt Blaster and the orange Hammer Station Shield Generator, I have most of my gear as orange grade-just missing the bracers and belt.  Since the Outfit Designer is coming out soon, I don’t think I’ll worry about finding pieces that I really really like quite yet (besides I think I want to go for a Cathar Cad Bane look instead of a Boba Fett Mandalorian look-way too many of those around!).

I didn’t do much with Zernebog except for a bunch of crafting in hopes of saving some Comms while gearing out Ja’rilo and Dodola.  I did, however, run on Dodola a little and got her in her full set of 140’s.  I’ll grab some screenshots of both Ja’rilo and Dodola soon so that I can post them here in all their finery.  Then again, there is always the Star Wars Day subscriber bonus coming up for the return of 12x XP!!!!


The Force Awakens Trailer

You can’t really expect any SWTOR blogger to not mention the second trailer can you?  Of course every Star Wars fan has seen the trailer by now, if not multiple times (yeah yeah, I’ve probably watched it literally thirty or forty times).  What did you think of it?  Of course, barely any of it goes together, and it’s not like we can take the fact that a scene is shown in the trailer before another that it is the same in the movie, but it just makes me all the more excited for it to come out.  Those chrome Stormtroopers!  I think it was Far Far Away Radio where I heard the quote, but it is so relevant.  Allow me to paraphrase: You know that the Chrometrooper is going to be a badass because he has a cape.  All Star Wars badasses have capes.  Also, like many others have said, this Chrometrooper is going to make up for all the missed shots delivered by Stormtroopers in the original trilogy.


And then there is Kylo Ren.  For those not in the know (though I am sure there are precious few of us, Kylo Ren is the name of the “Sith” coming about in The Force Awakens).  Now, Kylo Ren looks badass to me.  Maybe I’m partial to the dark side (yeah, I know I am), but really how amazing is that mask?  Not much has really been said about Kylo, but I am really interested in hearing his backstory.  I honestly don’t even know if Kylo Ren has been part of the Expanded Universe before J J Abrams chose to bring him into The Force Awakens.

Kylo Ren

Now for the part that has seemed to confuse a lot of people.  Mark Hamill’s voice talking about the force.  “My father has it, I have it, my sister has it, now you have it.”  The question that many people keep asking is, “Is Darth Vader coming back!?”  As amazing as that would be, I sincerely doubt it.  Anakin died at the end of Return of the Jedi.  We all know that.  Could he reappear as a force ghost?  Well, now that is possible.  We have seen Freedon Nadd (I think?) train Exar Kun as a force ghost, and if memory serves me correctly we also had Exar Kun appear to Luke on Yavin 4 to train him in the Dark Side.  So Vader as a force ghost is certainly possible, even though Anakin was “redeemed” by Luke when he throws Palpatine down the ventilation shaft.

Freedon Nadd ghostExar Kun

Finally, there is the scene that everyone has fallen in love with.  Come on, you know which one I’m talking about.  Could it possibly be?  Yes, it’s Han and Chewie.  This throw-back to the original screenshot from A New Hope made the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stand on end.  Though I am absolutely partial to the Empire (or the First Order for the new trilogy), Han and Chewie will always hold a special place in my heart.  Probably one of the reasons that I love Jakarro so much from the Forged Alliances story arc.  But why are Han and Chewie home?  I have no idea!  I guess we’re going to have to wait until December to find out for sure!

han and chewieWe're home

(Woah, now Chewie has found some amazing conditioner.  I wonder if it’s that Wen stuff!)


Star Wars Rebels

Season 2 was previewed at celebration, and I have since watched it myself since I didn’t catch the stream.  I was skeptical of the new television series when I first heard about it, but I have watched all of season 1 and am actually really looking forward to season 2-probably because my favorite Togruta has come back!  Shaak Ti?  No!  Ahsoka!


But, as if Ahsoka coming back wasn’t enough, we are seeing the return of several of our favorites from The Clone Wars.  Rex and Wolfe are also coming back.  Someone noticed that Dave Filoni and company were even careful enough to provide an explanation as to why Rex and Wolfe can return-their chips, like 5s’ (you know what I mean if you caught Season 6 of The Clone Wars on Netflix), have been removed.

Rex and Wolfee

And finally, the only character that can possibly be better than the return of Ahsoka (and only because he is my absolute favorite canon character), Darth Vader.  Thinking about Vader vs. Ahsoka is one of the main things causing my brain to pulse and threaten to demolish the bone prison in which it is housed.

Rebels Vader

Now that my brain matter is all over the wall…

Yes, I know that Battlefront has been announced, but I’m not super excited about it.  I know a lot of people are, but I was never into the Battlefront series.  I have actually recently gotten a copy of The Force Unleashed 2 for PC that I have been playing when not able to play SWTOR (though SWTOR always takes priority).  What are your thoughts as we approach the release of 3.2, the rev-up to the release of The Force Awakens, and the imminent release of Season 2 of Rebels?  What are you looking forward to the most in this upcoming amazing time for Star Wars fans?  What are you going to be doing with the upcoming 12 times xp and release of Ziost?


10 thoughts on “Caution:  Brain Matter Ahead

  1. Never got into the animated films for SW, but I am SO looking forward to the movie! Han and Chewie back is all it took for me to be locked on target for December, hands down. I mean don’t get me wrong, the Force is cool and all, but Han Solo was and always be my favorite movie hero. Now, as to the SWTOR 3.2. Yup I am in for a fun time there as well. I’m an avid subscriber and even been known to blow a few dollars every now and then for CC to get stuffs. The 12XP is cool and all, though I really don’t need it per se. It’s frosting and I don’t mind frosting. I’m looking forward to the reportedly uber YavinStronghold, not just ya…but HELL YA. And I’m always looking for new planets to explore.


    • Nice! I bought the Kaas stronghold when it was 3 credits and have only unlocked maybe 17% of it. Strongholds just aren’t my thing. The thing that worries me about 12x XP is the people you run in to that don’t know their class at high levels. I like double XP because I can level faster, but being focused on tanking I generally level through Flashpoints (lots of PUG’ing). I was so afraid to do them on my Juggernaut and wish I had so I at least understood Story Mode mechanics, but I started to really get into them on my healer. Then I rolled Ja’rilo. Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do understand the issue with new players not knowing thier classes, especially at 55 and up. Nothing more frustrating than waiting for a tank to gain aggro on 3 or 4 targets, only to decide to focus his taunts on a single target at the same moment I drop an AOE attack and have everyone but the non elite target cpome after me…or the Smuggler Healers that dont know how to heal…anyone….or the DPS knights that think they can tank and leap in before everyone is ready…the list could continue. I’ll be honest I have dropped pugs if I think people aren’t doing the very basics of thier job and I see a team wipe on trash mobs (yup Ive seen it). And it does seem to happen more often when the X2 or X12 XP happens to be running. Still, when I am raising alts I think its fun to do strictly Storyline and no side quess lol.


  2. TankingFTW says:

    I was sick this week and so took a couple of days off from work. I made good use of double XP to get my sniper from 17 to 43. This is the last class story that remains for me to finish and I’m totally enjoying it.

    I played a lot of SWTOR and finally realized one of my dreams in the game – two runs this week with guildies and friends resulted in two of my characters now being Dragonslayer! (this title is for finishing Scum and Villany Nightmare in under two hours). I am still walking on air ..

    Liked by 1 person

      • TankingFTW says:

        We actually tried that as well. Did great for 5 bosses, then healer left to get some beer… so we tried 4 manning Cartel Warlords with our one level 58 sorc respeccing to heals, me as PT dps kiting Sunder, one marauder tanking Tuchuk and the other killing stuff. It was crazy hard and we somehow made it in the second try. Tip: don’t leave Sunder for last, he will destroy non-tanks with “The End”.

        Of course, by then two other folks joined Teamspeak and we started the Dragonslayer run. I even got to DPS (usually I’m tanking) …

        PS: 2 dps and the heals were in min-max 192 ops gear, third dps had 192 comm gear and the level 58 had 186 comm gear. What I’m saying is – don’t feel bad that your group did not make it, we were crazy overgeared. Keep trying and you will succeed.


      • We only had one tank, two DPS, and two heals. Just couldn’t do SnV with that group. I was in mainly 178’s. Got my 186 comm gear now that I am min-maxing. Everyone but ear, implants and relics are Redoubt augmented.


  3. I love Chewie as well. But I hate Jakarro, because he can screw melee players over and wipe the group if you’re not careful in the Rakata flashpoint. So we have an inside joke running of us basically calling “****ing Jakarro!” each time he turns up somewhere.


    • TankingFTW says:

      Apparently, if everyone is within 10m of Colonel Darok, his harpoon does not work (just like a Vanguard), and so no one will get pulled. I have not tested this personally, but it makes sense.


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