SWTOR Fan Blog Groups

There are loads of posts out about the Outfit Designer and Ziost right now, and though I have been able to do a little bit of play within Ziost, I really don’t want this blog post to revolve around it.  Instead, I would like to highlight the fact that I have started a couple of groups that I hope will bring those of us that are SWTOR bloggers and SWTOR blog readers together.

The first is housed on facebook:  SWTOR Fan Blogs

The other is on Google+:  SWTOR Fan Blogs

I hope that many of you come and join me on one or both of these groups.  I look forward to being able to chat with my readers as well as other bloggers.  There are so many different ideas out there about what people would like to read about and ideas from many of the other bloggers out there.  I hope these groups will do well to get people together and thinking about this game that we all love so much.

That’s really about all I have to be able report.  I have recently taken a more active role in my guild as we seek to bring in more recruits, so if you’re on the Ebon Hawk server, come give us a chance!  Order of Shadow Knights for those of Imperial persuasion and Knights of Shadow if you’re more likely to align with the Republic.  We look forward to having you on board!


5 thoughts on “SWTOR Fan Blog Groups

  1. Yup, I joined in the fun. I tend to work more on telling my own stories that mixes the bioware storyline but personalizing them. My blog forafewcreditsmore.wordpress.com is where I write the most.


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