Introducing Awwim

Now that the Epic Story Boost (12x XP) has come around, I have decided to roll the only other tanking class I have not tried.  Rather than roll a second Inquisitor though (I already have a Corruption Sorcerer, Dodola), I decided to switch factions and roll my first ever Republic toon.  You guessed it, Awwim.  So, say to hello to the newest member of my Legacy.

Awwim 1

The first toon I ever rolled (Dikarzloney) was an Assassin back in the 2.x series, but being the first character I had ever rolled, I had sooooooo many problems (had no idea how to gear so Dikar had Willpower, Strength, Cunning and Aim pieces).  Dikar eventually met his fate with the delete button (easier to start again than to pick up a broken toon).  In the place of Dikar, I went to the Republic side and rolled this lovely lady you see above.  You’ll have to forgive me, though, I don’t have a very good eye for catching a good screen shot, so this one will have to work.  I also bought a beautiful Black/Pink Indestructible crystal to go into my dual saber.

I have really been enjoying the new playstyle (well, new to me) of the Shadow.  It’s a little difficult to work out the rotation as I hardly have any abilities (I do have a taunt now though!) and fighting Qyzen for aggro is a drag.  I did finally get my Combat Technique so that I am finally in tank stance (with this came the ability to take Qyzen out of tank stance and disable his taunt), so hopefully it won’t be an aggro race between my own companion and me.

On another note, I rolled my second Juggernaut, but on a new server.  I am very glad that I have gotten to know so many new people (and have been finding new people that are on my home server) since I have started playing SWTOR (and even more so now that I am reading people’s blogs and listening to a shit-ton of podcasts).  I approached a couple of my favorite people to listen to and asked them if they needed some help on their server, so my new Juggernaut has found his way to Jung Ma.  I forgot to take a screenshot of him, so you’ll just have to wait until next time!

So, what do you all think of Shadow/Assassin tanking.  Can you give me any good advice as I begin this new section of my SWTOR journey?  Know any tips for a beginner Shadow/’Sin tank?  Any and all advice will be taken to heart and I look forward to hearing from you!


9 thoughts on “Introducing Awwim

    • It was crammed together as two separate words. Dikar and Zloney. It means “savage beast” in Russian. He was Zabrak and I was approaching it from the Savage Oppress point of view. No offense taken though! Now that I read it all mashed together it’s pretty fucking entertaining. Wow. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Glad he never got past Tatooine.


  1. I can help you with your rotation when you get to level cap and have all your skills – just say the word! Until then it’s just using your highest threat abilities most and taunt when necessary.

    Ohhh and you’re going to love project storm! 😀

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      • Yeah, “throw rocks” seems pretty sad. I will say that mobs go down quick. I have been in stealth before going on, open with Project on the nearest mob as I continue back to the other small group to use Whirling Strike. By then usually all three are on me so I use Double Strike then Force Breach. By then they are all dead or I have to use Saber Strike to replenish force. I keep referring to the 3.1 Shadow Tank Guide, but there are a lot of skills I don’t have and Procs that I don’t think I have gotten the passives for. Oh, and I am getting used to that sweet-spot in refreshing Kinetic Ward.


  2. Im not very knowledgeable in the tanking arena per se, I did have a shadow tank on pub side for a little bit. The great thing I saw is aggro was never a fight for me, spin/AoE attacks and taunt at the last second made everything love/hate me. I think they do much better than the Vanguard for tanking. But that’s jus tmy opinion.


    • I have a Powertech and a Juggernaut already (I think I may have said that already, but I don’t remember). I love tanking, so I am happy to take on the challenge of tanking as a light-armor wearer. So far (as long as I’m not running with other tanks) it’s not an issue to keep aggro. I just have issues with Qyzen taunting off me.

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      • ehh wait till you get the other companions. There are some pretty nice DPS ones or just the healer down the road. Qyzenn to me has always been best when you do a DPS spec or Heal spec. Once you get off planet and get your 2nd or 3rd companion you ill probably start to feel a lot more comfortable with your aggro rotations. But the little tanking I did in instances, the shadow tank hands down is the most fun.


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