Murphy’s Screenshot Safari (selfie)

Zernebog embodies everything that comes to mind when one thinks of the word “Juggernaut”:  a fierce exterior, powerful lightsaber movements, and the ability to strike petrifying fear into his enemies.  Leaping into battle from several meters his enemies never see their demise coming-until it is too late.

Zerne has so far been my favorite toon to level throughout my life in SWTOR.  Though I have several “lowbie” characters, Zerne is my first (and so far only) that I brought to max level.  There was something about the slow progression of being a “Preferred Status” player that allowed me to scour the Star Wars galaxy for the perfect look.  Though this selfie is a little dated, Zerne still has a very similar look.  The chest piece, gloves and respirator have all remained, though the belt has changed.

I wanted to focus on the selfie aspect of the Newbie Bloggers’ Initiative because I wanted to touch on the joy that comes with gearing out your favorite toon.  Now, obviously I am male, so I don’t have that wonderful eye for multiple outfits.  It’s hard enough for me to come up with one outfit that I like instead of trying to figure out which top coordinates with which bottoms.  I finally came upon this look after finishing most of the story missions in Star Wars:  The Old Republic.  There have been so many options, and so many of them I just hated.  The hardest thing for me to believe though, is that the respirator has been the same model that I got for completing one of the Heroic 4 quests on Nar Shaddaa (early in the game)!

Coming up with this look was certainly not easy!  I looked at so many mission rewards while coming up with this outfit.  I must say, I am really pleased with the end result.  The boots were actually the hardest part for me because I don’t like the massive boots that come with most of the Juggernaut gear.  I know 3.2 brought the Outfit Designer with it, but I had already gotten this look together by the time the Outfit Designer went live. I know many of my guildies have been waiting with bated breath for the Outfit Designer to go live because they are so dearly wanting to change their outfits around all the time.  My opinion on it was, “Darth Vader and Boba Fett only have one set of armor that they wear everyday-why do I need more than that?”

So here he is.  Zernebog the Immortal Juggernaut.  Path Carver.  Destroyer.  Decimator.  Tank.  I wouldn’t want to be on the swinging side of his black/red lightsaber blade.


11 thoughts on “Murphy’s Screenshot Safari (selfie)

  1. Zerne, I think you hit it right on the nail about the look you specifically want. I have done minor changes to my Agent, but I don’t go that hog wild on the Outfit designer. It did come in handy though when I found a mic/headset for the sniper to give him that agent feel. I was willing to part with a few creds over that. But overall, I’ve kept his look the same: Sniper Jacket, Sniper Belt, Savage Hunter Leggings, Slicer Boots, and Nefarious Bandit Gloves. Everything is kept grey and for the most part rather conservative. I think my only future change will be if I can get the Black/black dye, then it will be complete. Still, existing styles can be made into very interesting things. Love the post and Zerne lloks like a Sith Lord should!


    • Thanks so much for all your kind words! The best thing that I have heard about the Outfit Designer is the fact that you can just stamp something over your stats. This seems really cool, but Zerne was leveled way before that came about. I am still looking around for the moddable pieces I like so that I can use those as gear sets, but I know I will end up using the Outfit Designer on my PT. So many Bounty Hunters just look like a varied form of Boba Fett. I always really liked the look of Cad Bane from the Clone Wars series and would like to make my PT look more like a smuggler than like a Mandalorian. Probably not very close to cannon, but eh. Who cares?

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