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By now whether you are a subscriber to SWTOR or not, you are of course aware of the Epic Story Boost (also known as 12 times XP).  This is such a wonderful time to begin leveling up toons at break-neck speed; especially if you are repeating classes.  For example, I usually tend to keep my toons housed on the Ebon Hawk server, but I rolled a new Juggernaut on Jung Ma to join the <Has A Bad Feeling> guild.  Not only am I able to use this time to get to know a new group of people, but I have been able to get used to the Discipline System on the Sith Warrior (I had leveled Zerne up to about 53 before Shadow of Revan went live so I was using the old Talent Tree system).

Two of the things that I don’t like about the Epic Story Boost are the fact that it only applies to Story content and it is incredibly common to run into people that are now severely undergeared.  I have been using the GSF-provided moddable Imperial Pilot suit for leveling my new Jugg (which looks absolutely atrocious, but it gives me a set of gear to be modded as I increase my levels so quickly).  Though I may hate the look, at least I have current gear.  This helps while running your class missions and earning that sweet sweet XP (multiplied by 12!).  It would be ridiculous, of course, to expect 12 times XP to be applied to anything but story, but I prefer to do my leveling through leveling flashpoints.

During the last Double XP week, I grinded out instance after instance through Group Finder, getting used to my new tank, Ja’rilo.  I think in one day I played Mandalorian Raiders something insane like 15 times consecutively.  I prefer to level this way mostly due to the fact that I love to tank.  Flashpoint after flashpoint not only forces me to get to know the mechanics of each fight, but it also allows me to work on my rotation and find out where I am loosing aggro and why.  I have come to the realization that it takes a certain mindset to tank.  At least to tank effectively.  You are constantly looking at each fight, weighing the instances where you lose aggro or see your group taking excess damage.  It also really begins to make you understand the importance of positioning-especially bosses (but this discussion is better left to another blog post on another day).

But back to the subject at hand.  I have really been enjoying this story boost because it has allowed me to basically finish an entire planet each day that I play.  The first day that I rolled my Jugg I was able to complete Korriban (left Korriban at level 14).  The second day, I played all the way through Drommund Kaas (finishing at level 20) and was even able to begin Balmorra.  I am now sitting at level 21 on Balmorra waiting to be able to log in again and get back to the grind.  I am still amazed that I was able to go from 1-21 in a matter of just a few days.  Though this boost will only remain until level 55, I am confident I can get at least a couple of my toons to max level before the end.  Besides, I am happy to just be able to do story content on each planet (besides, my preferred method of leveling usually keeps me able to only focus on story content since I do so many flashpoints).

I have also been able to get my Shadow through Tython and up to level 15 on Ebon Hawk.  She has been a lot of fun to work with as I have been able to learn a completely new style of tanking.  As much as I love the Epic Story Boost, I do sometimes wish that Bioware would opt instead for a long Double XP period with no restrictions (even being able to stack experience boosts on top of the double XP).  This sounds wonderful to me because of my leveling strategy and may not be a shared opinion among others.


10 thoughts on “Epic Story Boost

  1. Interesting thoughts. Have you picked up the token thingy that can turn the boost off? I thought about it, but haven’t bothered, mainly because I have enough credits to pick up modable gear, or run a low lv heroic here and there for orange gear rewards. I think if it were a class I was trying to mechanically understand I’d opt out of the 12x but if I know the basic rotations I’ll still used it.


    • No. I plan on taking full advantage of it. Just a thought really. My Jugg on Jung Ma needs it. I’ll worry about his appearance later. I’ll probably stick him in the Heavy Ciridium Bodyarmor that Zerne is wearing, just colored differently. I just feel like I am wasting the 12x XP when I run Flashpoints because I could have added another level or two in the time it took me to finish Mandalorian Raiders. I don’t want Bioware to get rid of 12x XP at all. Double unrestricted XP sounds mighty nice too. And f2p/preferred players usually are able to benefit from double XP too.

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      • I do understand about leveling vs FP’s. To tell the truth, while leveling Mharius, I didn’t bother to do but a couple KDY runs and 1 or 2 FP’s. But I wanted him to be strictly on storyline anyhow and I know his class mechanics enough that I’m not too damaged by missing out on group stuff. However, I am soon planning on creating a shadow tank. For that, I’ll need to hit up on the FPs to learn rotation and aggro management.


    • You of course get the occasional asshole of scheisekopf (spelling?) when pugging Flashpoints, but most of the people I have dealt with have been quite pleasant. When I first started playing SWTOR the thought of being part of group content scared the bejesus out of me. I was afraid of letting my group down. I watched hours and hours of YouTube videos from both the tank and healer perspectives and started getting involved with pugging as a healer. People are actually a lot more forgiving than you would think. If you DPS, you can almost hide as long as you follow kill order. If you play on Ebon Hawk, let me know and I would be more than happy to run you through some Flashpoints so you can get to know them. Once you are comfortable with them there is no reason to be nervous about them!


  2. TankingFTW says:

    Are you not using the Outfit Designer? I rolled a new sniper, the only class story I had not done and at level 30, it only cost 35k credits to setup a look independent of gear (I got the Eidolon armour cheap from GTN and dyed it black/grey). I believe it is even cheaper at level 10 – 3.5k credits, if I’m not mistaken.

    I like tanking too. This week, I tanked one of the most tank-dependent fights in the game – the Hateful Entity (secret boss in S&V Nightmare – super hard at 55, but not so bad at 60). First pull was a disaster since I did not place voids very well, second pull we hit enrage at 1% health on the boss (and collectively groaned on TS since the enrage is a 0 damage kill). We got him down in the third pull and got our Eternal Warrior titles :-). Looking at the damage profile later, I guess my Vanguard would have been better but since my Guardian was my first toon, she got to run it :-). Now if I could only win the Crest of the Dread Masters… maybe next time.

    I could write an essay on positioning and how important it is to tanking, but I’ll stop here.. good luck with your tanking, and hope you get to tank ops soon.


    • I had a feeling you were going to mention positioning. I am very comfortable with positioning and have really gotten used to tanking and think that I am a pretty decent tank in the group content I have already run. I always laugh when a healer tells me how to position because I had already planned the fight the same way. (Especially the Beast of Vodal Kresh in the Athiss flashpoint). I would love to run a fight with you so you can see me in action. I may not have done many raids (only completed NiM EV), but I have been tanking for about a year and a half. I have started to work taunts into my rotation, and I have to say that it is a lot easier to maintain aggro now.


  3. TankingFTW says:

    That is great! Hold aggro, position correctly and use your cooldowns effectively and you are a good tank :-).

    Running with me is easy – make a toon on JC pub side and I’ll run you through all the ops in the game eventually.


    • I’ve been working on leveling a Juggernaut on Jung Ma right now. I will probably head over to Jedi Covenant next and roll a Guardian. I guess I’m just going to be all over the place on the server lists.


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