NBI2015 Murphy’s Screenshot Safari Hero or Villain?

When I think about the phrase “Hero or Villain” and apply it to SWTOR, there is one character that embodies both elements that comes to my mind.  That character is the intimidating visage of Darth Malgus.  While obviously a villain to any of the Republic players, Imperial players see him both as a hero of the Empire and later a traitor and therefore villain.  Imperial players constantly see Darth Malgus as a herald for the Empire, from his role as a chief aggressor alongside his master, Darth Vindican, during The Return cinematic, to the introducer of each of the major flashpoints leading up to Ilum.  Malgus is everywhere.

Malgus is portrayed as a staunch defender of the Empire, taking action against the Republic at every turn while also embodying the Sith Code in his every deed.  Malgus is such a hero to the Empire that when the “Malgus the Betrayer” story arc comes around at Ilum, I was seriously heart-broken to run The False Emperor flashpoint.  It was this huberus that takes Malgus from being the Hero of the Empire to being the Imperial “Public Enemy #1.”  We see Malgus’ rise through the many cinematics (The Return and Hope are two of those cinematics that show the rise of Malgus), we then see Malgus as one of the most trusted members of the Empire and Dark Council throughout all of the original launch, and we finally see his end with the Ilum arc.

Playing from the Sith Warrior perspective, I felt especially betrayed following the main Ilum story line (I had to run these after I had hit 55 because I was not sure that I could handle the tank role on the story mode version of these fights-I have, of course, now found out that I would have had little problem).  I cannot think of any other character (especially a Non-Player Character) that exhibits the dual Hero/Villain qualities as Darth Malgus does.


6 thoughts on “NBI2015 Murphy’s Screenshot Safari Hero or Villain?

  1. This is a cool shot with a good story. I do love those characters with a less than simple reputation. Star Wars manages to pull off some really good examples from time to time. This seems like one!


    • TankingFTW says:

      I agree, Malgus is a very interesting character. He gives an insight into how Sith politics work – he had great ideas and could have gone via the traditional power path (Dark Council member -> more important member -> build support -> make it official policy) but instead chose to proclaim himself Emperor. The Dark Council / Republic reacted by sending the player, who finished him off. Contrast with Darth Marr who has the same ideas but a much better implementation that is acceptable to many.

      Also: I felt a bit let down that he was “only” a Flashpoint boss – could we not have had an operation? 🙂

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      • Good point. It was such a part of the story that he needed to be defeated though. I can understand sticking him in a flashpoint for that reason. Something like the Revan fight would have been nice though.


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