Bringing It All Back Home (well, in a way)

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I have actually mentioned anything about what I have been doing in SWTOR here on Zerneblog due to May being taken up by the Newbie Blogger Initiative.  Well, like many other people, I have been taking full on advantage of the 12x XP boost and have rolled a brand new Juggernaut on a brand new server, so look out for me!

A New Character and a New Server

I guess I should probably mention my reasoning for going to a new server (especially because I am no where close to maxing out my available slots on my home server, Ebon Hawk.  Well, shortly after starting Zerneblog I was introduced to Ravanel (author of the superb gamer’s blog Ravalation).  Ravanel informed me about Developer Appreciation Week when it came around and helped me get in contact with another member of the gaming blog community known as Rowan Blaze.  Both of these wonderful authors helped to spread the word of my blog throughout the rest of the community, and Rowan Blaze actually mentioned the fact that I should join Twitter, Google+, and other social networking sites (you can now find me on the major social networks:  Twitter @zerneblog, Facebook Zernebog Zloney and Google+ zerneblog at gmail dot com).  Through this experience of being on Twitter (especially) and being in contact with many of the other members of the community, I was given the pleasure of meeting so many new members of the playing community that I didn’t know before.

Of course, during this time I began listening to a lot more SWTOR podcasts.  Brian and Chuck from the Bad Feeling Podcast engaged me quite quickly and I became hooked to their podcast.  I have also had the pleasure of getting to know Pixelkaffe (author of the equally wonderful blog, Pixelkaffe), R2D2Arm (author of R2’s Blog), Master Liu (the amazingly talented voice behind The Balance Force blog), Emnara (a crazy amazing blogger that owns and operates Powerdress Gaming), Shintar (the author of Going Commando), and really countless others stream, create their own podcasts (Marshal and Will, I’m talking about you here!), or simply just play and love SWTOR as much as I do (it’s been a major pleasure to get to know Stardust Legacy, the Guild Master for Unholy Alliances on the Harbringer).  While this 12x XP was beginning, Twitter became abuzz with people jumping onto new servers to start leveling toons to help other members of the community.  I have personally had at least two players that I know of that have come over to Ebon Hawk to roll new toons and joined my beloved guild, The Order of Shadow Knights.

(Special Shoutout to Pixelkaffe and Stardust Legacy for joining up with OSK-I cannot adequately express my appreciation of your decisions to help us out over here!)

Well, since so many people were going to this server or that server, I thought I would do the same.  I decided to roll my first new server toon on Jung Ma to play with Chuck and Brian from the Bad Feeling Podcast (my friends, Master Liu and Emnara, have also rolled new toons on Jung Ma and have started playing with as well.  I have also had the pleasure of getting to know all the amazing guys that raid with .


I chose to roll a Sith Pureblood named Zerneblog on Jung Ma.  I have also just began to really start using the Outfit Designer as well.  Like many that have been playing the game for any length of time, I have that nice Imperial Pilot suit and Republic Pilot suit that are both moddable gear from the introduction of Galactic Star Fighter (GSF).  I have been using this as my base gear (having the ability to mod it without having to look for all orange-quality gear).  It took forever to find a usable substitute for any part of this gear that matched a look that I would like to continue (I actually found a decent respirator on DK and a pair of pants on Alderaan, then a fitting top that I think was originally designed for Marauders on Belsavis).  Though I am still in that stupid pilot suit, I finally have a look that I can stomach for now (I like the hoods since I normally end up rolling force users that do not have hair).

As of now, I have reached level 47 and am running around on Voss.  I am thinking about moving on to Makeb to take advantage of the bolster until I reach 55 then go back to finish Voss and Corellia before heading back to quest up to 60.  I have also not really done any flashpoint leveling (my prefered method when 12x XP is not in effect).

What have all of you wonderful fans been doing with 12x XP?  Have you done any server hopping?  Have you rolled new alts on your home server to experience new stories?  What do you think about people that roll toons on multiple servers?


16 thoughts on “Bringing It All Back Home (well, in a way)

  1. Hmm…Jung Ma was the first server I started on. Still have a couple of toons over there. While it’s not as active as Ebon Hawk, WZ’s pop pretty frequently. The only reason I left to reroll on Ebon Hawk well before the x12 was that I never got to see any of the instances while leveling. Jung Ma being primarily pvp sort of lacks the low level FPs. BUT, there is a great community on that server so I hope you enjoy your experience there!

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  2. thats what I did, have two new characters sittin on Ebon hawk, even though without the 12xp I still would have rolled, as I just get bored of other issues that servers have. Plus I am starting to come out of my “Non-social” shell.

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  3. Hey, it’s no problem! I just wish I had more time to spend leveling on the EH. I just hope that OSK can get some regular raids going because I know how important that is for you.


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