How Does One Define A Gamer?

Pyxis recently wrote a post on the Gamers Decrypted blog about what it means to be a “gamer”.  There have been several subcategories of the term “gamer” floating around, but I feel that “gamer” is not so much a term to be placed upon someone else as it is a title one would place upon them self.

Pyxis certainly makes the point that being a gamer has evolved from a term of condescension for people of my generation (the Nintendo generation I guess you could say-I’m 31) that spent hours trying to make a little orange and red Italian plumber save a Princess from a fire-breathing mutated turtle instead of playing outside and making lasting social interactions into a badge of honor that a whole subculture seems to have united around (albeit due to the popularity of MMORPG’s).  Since our global (well at least Westernized or Western-inspired) culture has seen such a tremendous influx of people entertaining themselves through controlling a recreation of themselves through a fantasy universe (not fantasy in the way WoW, GW2, or LotRO are fantasy because I include WildStar and SW:TOR in this fantasy universe as well) has taken in people from all walks of life.

Now, like Pyxis, I would not argue that everyone that plays games (be they MMORPG’s, video games, or otherwise) should be viewed as a gamer.  I would also tend to argue that the casual player of a freeware mobile app-style game would not identify themselves as a gamer.  And here is where I make the distinction. To me, being a gamer is a self-proclaimed title. It means that you are willing to take the smugness of other “non-gamers” upon yourself.

I do consider myself a gamer even though I probably only play SW:TOR a few times per week (though I would love to play more often). I guess one of the reasons that I consider myself to be so is because I personally consider myself to be a casual-core player.  I love to play the group content and am just now beginning to get into Operations (my guild and I have recently completed 8-man Story Mode of Scum and Villainy and Explosive Conflict).  The biggest reason I would add “core” to the style of gamer I am is because I do allow SW:TOR to nearly encompass every part of my day.  I listen to SW:TOR podcasts (The Usual Podcast, Corellian Run Radio, Far Far Away Radio, Healing SWTOR, The Idiot’s Array, It’s A Trap Podcast, Old Republic Radio, Podcast 66, Star Wars: Beyond the Stars, The Star Wars Escape Podcast, the Bad Feeling Podcast, Coffee with Kenobi, and the Galactic Gamer’s Coalition), read several SW:TOR Fan Blogs (Ravalation, Going Commando, Pixelkaffe, Pretty Little Sith, Xam Xam Says, The Legacies in SWTOR, Gamers Decrypted, Powerdress Gaming, and many others though I have only listed the SW:TOR specific ones), if you’re reading this then you know I blog about SW:TOR, my Twitter handle (@zerneblog) is nearly full of tweets that I have made either about SW:TOR or tweets to other SW:TOR players.  I feel so involved with the community sometimes that all I talk about is SW:TOR!!!!

So, in summary, to me the title of “Gamer” is something that is to be considered by oneself.  Just like I embody the title “Geek”, “Dork”, or “Nerd”, I embody the title “Gamer”.  I am pleased that we have finally gotten to a point in our society that we are able to look at other gamers and not think of them as the obese teenagers with bad complexions that we all once thought gamers to be.  I am excited that we finally live in a time when gamers are considered to actually be viable members of society as well.  I love playing SW:TOR, like I am sure many others love playing other games.


6 thoughts on “How Does One Define A Gamer?

  1. Eternal Shad says:

    Excellent post. It’s nice to see in our community that we can all share our points of views and nothing is ever said to be wrong, Even nicer when we all have fun. I like challenges like this , it’s great inspiration to write a challenge blog post. Helps us out too, with getting to know the other person behind the character.


  2. Thanks for your comments!! I’m really happy to have been accepted into this community, and the fact that people like you all come and read what I have to say week in and week out is a testament to the fact that gamers have shrugged off physical borders and have established their own global community.

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  3. Nice article. Gamer to me is a title to be celebrated and I put it on with pride. For long time I said “oh I’m not a gamer because I only play one game.” But I’ve come to realize that I am a gamer, albiet one with narrow focus. Being a gamer doesn’t mean you’re an elite player or even necessarily a good one. It means that you embrace what gaming means to you and what playing the game (s) you love brings to your life.


  4. TankingFTW says:

    Very nice post. I’m definitely a gamer, at the border of or crossing over into “obsessed gamer” :-). I used to play other games before SWTOR, but now I spend all my game time there – since I really enjoy hanging out with guildies and friends.

    Also, congrats on your operation runs. They are all fun to do. If you can get a good group, do try the higher difficulties – they have much more interesting mechanics.


    • Thanks! I am sure we will move on to Hard Modes once we are getting into a better groove. We’re all still getting to know how to work with each other. We had a few problems with SM TFB this weekend due to not really understanding what all was happening on The Terror From Beyond. We did quite well with SnV and EC (though we could faceroll EC). I’m looking forward to being able to down the Terror and move into DF/DP before going back to Hard Mode 55’s.


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