Gaining some Fortitude

Wow, it has been entirely too long since my last post.  I just want to let you all know that I am still here and alive, and I apologize for my recent absence.  I have been doing a lot of leveling and character transferring and now have a toon on almost every North American server, though I am solely on the Republic side on Jedi Covenant.

Speaking of Jedi Covenant, I have had the extreme pleasure of joining with some amazing Twitter people to form a new Progression guild called Fortitude, (they have even gotten me to move to the Republic and roll a Shadow Tank and a new Togruta Guardian).  We (@SWTOREconomics and @NessTheHappy) would love to have you come along.  But is Fortitude right for you?


Nanshe, my Tankadow at Max Level                    Sham’hat, my new Togruta Guardian

Avin, our Guild Master, has given us this list of goals:

To have multiple 8-man progression Operations teams clearing difficult content continuously.

To organize joint 16-man Operations of difficult content when possible among teams as well.

To have multiple training teams that are fostering the skills of new members learning to run Operations in the guild.

To help every member have at least one “main” geared and capable of clearing SM Operations and at least working on HM/NiM skills at level.

To provide copy/paste resources for all fights designed to be pasted into chat to concisely but thoroughly explain mechanics and strategy for players new to the fight.

To provide class guides and game mechanics guides for members learning new classes or roles. Some class guides may be links out to excellent guides existing in the community.

We are looking for both new players and experienced progression raiders, ultimately hoping to be able to mold inexperienced players into the players that they would like to become.  We are a wonderfully friendly group of people that love this game and want to share all the experience that we have gained through our combined experience.  For more information, please take a look at Avin’s original post on the SWTOR Official Forums.

To join, apply at our guild website, or send an in-game message or whisper to Sham’hat, Nanshe, Lorhin, Sashel, or Avinavajo.