First Impressions of KotFE Game Changes

Since my main for 4.0 has moved from Zernebog, my Juggernaut, to my Guardian, Sham’hat, I didn’t want to dive right into the story expansion for Knights of the Fallen Empire. I have, however, been enjoying many of the other changes that the 4.0 expansion has brought.  Though this expansion has increased the level cap to 65, I was able to get my Guardian to the previous cap of 60 Tuesday. Because of the Level Sync feature, this occurred on Voss while I was back-tracking Voss and Corellia to finish my second class story (perfectly enough, it is the story of the Jedi Knight, the mirror to my previous main, a Sith Warrior).

I was also able to check out the new system for Heroics. While running around following my class story objectives, I came across this mission terminal with a triangle over it. Well, since 12x XP came to an end Monday, I figured why not see what it is about!? The terminal was apparently for a Heroic 2+ in the Nightmare Lands of Voss and even though I was level sync’d from 59 to 48, I was able to solo the Heroic with Kira in Healing Mode-even the champion level mobs. Though it took forever to finish (tank spec so very low DPS) it was nice to see that it would be possible for me to die while running the Heroic. Even nicer, I was getting 15k XP for killing the elite (gold star) mobs. I am looking forward to soloing some more of these heroics for some 178 drops- especially implants and relics since I have my 186/190 armor from my Juggernaut on my Guardian (legacy bound gear for the win).

I really like the changes that came about with Companions. One thing that I don’t recall being mentioned that I really liked about companion gearing was the fact that companions are no longer armor class dependent. I was able to put heavy armor on Kira (a formerly light armor/willpower user), though I did not keep the heavy armor look on her. The fact that the companions scale up with your level was incredible because I haven’t used Kira since I got Scourge because of gearing issues. Scourge was easy to gear while running through the Forged Alliances arc because I could just take the DPS drops instead of the tank drops (Scourge used to have the same main stat and armor class as my Guardian since he was essentially a juggernaut).

Finally, I liked the changes that came with the User Interface Editor. The grid overlay makes it much easier for me to be able to line up the different components of my User Interface. I haven’t found the “snap to grid” function yet, but I have a feeling that it will be quite a handy feature. The ability to save my keybinds will also be a wonderful feature.

On a side note, I updated my laptop to Windows 10 and had a horrendous time with the game-so much so that I had done a complete un/reinstall of the game and rolled a Smuggler to poke around with while my game finished downloading. When KotFE finished patching, I had all the same issues again so I reverted back to Windows 7. I don’t know whether it is my machine or some incompatibility between SWTOR and Windows 10, but I was horribly unimpressed with the functionality of Windows 10 and felt like anything I had tried to accomplish on the OS was a struggle. This was just my experience, and I am sure many others have not had any issues with SWTOR on Windows 10.

I am looking forward to continuing the KotFE experience, but I want to finish the class stories (Chapter 3) first. Though I now have 3 level 60 characters, only one of them has had a completed story. I have a feeling I will be a late comer to the expansion and will be taking a lot of advantage of the Level Sync function (which I happen to really love).


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