Certified Organic Meatbags

Now that 4.0 has been live for a week (for early access players at least), I have had the chance to run with a great little 8-person raid team through Fortitude that have been given the name “Certified Organic Meatbags”.  Due to some real life issues, I wasn’t able to join them Friday, but yesterday we were able to get through Dread Fortress Story Mode and took down Scum and Villainy’s Dash’roode in Story Mode.  I was able to break out my new Guardian to start tanking these!


Sham’hat (Guardian Tank)

Prior to Knights of the Fallen Empire we had gotten together to do some runs to get to know each other, and I, for one, feel like we have all been able to mesh together.  I know that I am by far the worst player in our group, but I think as I get to know these Operations better (most of them I have only run once or twice) I will be a better player.  For example, on Brontes I just ran right into the death beam when it came out because I wasn’t sure that this phase was approaching.  That would probably not happen again.  I was also having trouble trying to get her near a wall so that when I would get knocked back I would be knocked into a wall.  I know this made things difficult for my team because I was getting knocked across the entire room.

I am glad to be part of a raid team like this- a group that understands that I am just starting out when it comes to Operations.  It is nice that the Story Mode bolster allows you to just focus on mechanics, but I wish the story mode mechanics hadn’t been nerfed to hell.  I fear that hard mode will be a pretty steep learning curve for me-especially that cybernetic rancor (Grob-thok?).  I look forward to the upcoming runs and getting better as a player.  What about you?  Have you tried any Operations since Knights of the Fallen Empire has gone live? What do you think about the Operations changes or the Story Mode bolster?  What are you hoping to see as we continue through the upcoming months?

Have you tried the new Tactical Flashpoints?  I have heard that they are severely over-tuned in regards to trash pulls but the patch that just went live (4.0.1) did nothing to address this so I am beginning to think that they may be working as intended.  I would like to hear your thoughts on the adjustments coming through during this content cycle.


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