Tactical Flashpoints (Knights of the Fallen Empire)

Yesterday I was finally able to complete the class story on my Guardian (Jedi Knight story is very very good-if you have not tried it yet you will be blown away-I went for a Dark Side Knight), so while working through companion conversations before starting the KotFE story I queued in Group Finder for the Tactical Flashpoints.  While In have heard of some horror stories about impassibility due to over-tuning, I had some wonderful groups along with me.

First queue pop was Tactical False Emperor with me (Guardian Tank) and 2 level 65 DPS (Guardian and Commando I think?) along with one level 60-something DPS (I think a Shadow).  We had a little trouble at first, but overall a pretty decent run.  I died once on two separate bosses (one was the Commander that includes the ship that you must take out with the gun).  By the time we got to HK and Malgus we were unstoppable.  Commando throwing off-heals or hitting the Kolto stations.  By the third wave of Malgus’ “control” the DPS Guardian was focused with Malgus at 2% HP remaining.  That was a terrifically fun run with a more than competent group.

Second was the one flashpoint that I always swore I would rip my eyes out rather than make another run at it, Kuat Drive Yards. Again my tank and 3 DPS (lowest level was 52 I think?).  This one want off with no issues and we were down to the Sith Boss.  I died once, Rocket Boost back to the boss, taunt, and we burned him down quick.  I think the issue here was the necessity of movement and DPS being unable to trigger the Kolto while I kept aggro on the boss.  I could have done a little better turning that cleave though.

Finally, the star of the evening was Mandalorian Raiders.  I have always loved this flashpoint, and we even got a trinity group for it.  Lowest level was in the low 40’s (I want to say 42), which should have caused no issues seeing as how the suggested level for Mando Raiders used to be in the 30’s, if I recall correctly.  This run was a smash hit.  I missed a few mobs that started chewing on the healer, but was able to get them back fairly quickly.  DPS helped me out by peeling the mobs off the healer too.  I don’t think anyone even died during that run.  Explained the corner tanking strategy for the Boarding Party and stressed the necessity of burning the turrets during Matrix Varad. 

I guess what I am getting at is that the doom-and-gloom mentality that seems to follow expansions (especially in SWTOR) is generally blown completely out of proportion.  Any flashpoint is difficult to complete when you have one or more members that have trouble pulling their own weight; it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is broken.  I, for one, don’t want to come into group content for a roflstomp.  If you want an easy run, opt for one of the solo Flashpoints.  I understand that this was not always an option, just like these tactical Flashpoints weren’t always available.  I am glad that I tried them out for myself rather than listening to all the nay-sayers.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each player to decide what kind of content they want to run.

What have your experiences been since the launch of KotFE, especially about the game outside of the cinematic story.


15 thoughts on “Tactical Flashpoints (Knights of the Fallen Empire)

  1. Shadowz says:

    I haven’t done any group Flashpoints yet. Just the solo ones for Star Fortress, then again I’m not much into group content. Still have a hard time getting over the negativity I seen and have been apart of. But eh who knows. I may just start too in the near future.


    • I haven’t seen any of the KotFE expansion yet. I have to finish up T7’s companion conversations, but I have heard so much positivity coming out of the new expansion. I have also seen some negativity in PUG’s, but many of those that are toxic are really really bad in PvE. My offer still stands though, if you want to group up on Pub Side Jedi Covenant or on Imp Side Ebon Hawk, just let me know (Jedi Covenant would be better-my main has moved toward my Guardian through 4.0). I am glad to see you are still enjoying SWTOR though!! Which server are you spending your time on now?

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      • Shadowz says:

        Will do..if you’re on IMp side of Ebon Hawk. Daeqius is running through now. I’m doing Heroic+2’s with him to do alliance, but over all, going back through planets i didnt do squat on. Tryin to save up to get Tatooine SH, since its my dream one lol


  2. Good post. I still have the “Group Finder” missions in my inventory from never having used Group finder or run an FP at all since, well, ever. I’m tempted to after this although as I don’t really know any of the strategies and am not used to playing in a group, the talk of overtuned content is putting me off. I suspect I need to just jump in and weather the storm!


    • Welcome to Zerneblog and thanks for reading!! If you are in the upper levels I really doubt you’ll have that much issue. As long as you follow kill order you will usually be fine, and right now is a great time to get in because a lot of other people are seeing the Flashpoints for the first time. I know on both Jedi Covenant and Ebon Hawk people have no issues explaining strategies. I am sure the same kind of mentality exists across the pond as well. I have been a huge fan of group content since I started running Heroic 4’s back before 3.0 ever came out. The story mode bolster in Operations is pretty over powered as well, so if you are worried about your gear you could always start into an Operation. When in doubt, though, always run with friends or guildies. They are usually more forgiving than PUG’s. I’m not the most amazing player (as many of my guildies in Fortitude will attest, I am overly insecure about my tanking abilities), but through all of these Tactical Flashpoints I have continually heard “Wow, we just made that look easy!” (this one came from our destruction of the Sith Boarding Party in Mandalorian Raiders). I am always happy to run with new or inexperienced players and to help them understand the instances. If you have any specific questions feel free to look at my contact information and shoot me an email or Direct Message me on Twitter (@zerneblog).

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  3. Wait… are people seriously whining about tactical flashpoints being too hard? O_O

    That’s really hard to imagine for me, especially seeing the previous ones were so easy. Haven’t touched them since the expansion, though. Now I feel like I should try them out.

    I’ve just been doing the star fortresses (4 of them so far) and those are very easy. It’s a shame they are all so similar, although the awesome decorations make up for that! And at least they are fast if you do them with a group. I was surprised to find that doing the heroic version solo wasn’t hard at all, even on a sage; it only takes a while, because the mobs have so much health. If anything, they could have made content a bit more challenging, but I understand that they want people that don’t like group play to be able to complete them too, since they are tied to the story.

    P.S. Healing companions with no CD on innvervate/healing trance are so OP!

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  4. I’ve only run two tacticals since 4.0, one Red Reaper as healer and one Boarding Party as tank. For the first we had a proper trinity group and it felt more or less the way levelling flashpoints have always felt. The second was tough, as we had nobody with any ability to heal, and none of the dps were the sharpest tool in the shed (prioritising gold mobs over weak ones, not clicking on kolto stations etc.). But we still made it through without too much trouble – while people got low during pretty much every pull, we only had one death the entire run (one dps dying on the bonus boss). So… no, I don’t think these are overtuned from what I’ve seen. People just need to use their brains a little to adapt to the group they get. 🙂


    • Well, I had this typed out 4 days ago, but apparently forgot to post. I couldn’t agree more with people needing to adapt. I have had really bad trouble with Ortuno (Depths of Manaan) and Jos and Valk (Blood Hunt) if I have a group with more than one sub-50, but otherwise I haven’t had to abandon any other Flashpoints.


  5. ceciltaru says:

    Lol, this was actually going to be the subject of my “return” post! However, as a DPS i do have a different perspective on it. The biggest issue for me that I’ve seen is that some strategies just do not work with certain group make ups. But this has been known since they first released tactical flashpoints. For the most part, my experience has been good, although there have been certain instances which made me want to ram my keyboard through the screen. The worst setup from a strategy point, is all DPS, especially all DPS of one type (melee or ranged). This was the case with my first tactical, Teral IV, with the bonus and 2nd-to-last bosses. 3 smugglers and a commando. Two of the smugglers dropped when we couldn’t make headway against the bonus boss, but no one, including myself could think of a better strategy. We were interrupting, moving around hitting the kolto stations, just couldn’t make a big enough dent.
    I don’t have a good solution either. Some guildies had mentioned nerfing bosses based on the group setup, but I saw more harm with the reasons. The player base just has to be able to adjust to this, not quit everytime they get a “bad” group setup, pick a leader and come up with a strategy that will work. And subscribers especially have to be the ones who take the lead since we can do things like field respec.
    I would be curious though what yall thought, especially you zerne, if you got into a group of 2 or more tanks. Like I mentioned above, do people respec after picking a main tank?


    • I had a run with myself (on Ebon Hawk so my Juggernaut) and another Jugg Tank doing The Foundry. Unfortunately that Jugg ran two pull with me on HK 47 and I forgot about the delay between the adds and HK’s capsule so I was one shot.


      • Well, leave it to a bus ride to interrupt a response! Anyway, during the second pull the tank didn’t listen when I said “Wait!” and leapt right back in, one shotting himself, then complained it would be another wipe. The Mara, Sin, and I followed mechanics, downed HK, and I pulled out my OP Jaesa in heal mode.

        My philosophy on any Flashpoint is to take any group I get. I get a lot of 3 DPS and me as a tank. I had one today (Czerka Corporate Labs) that was 2 Maras, a DPS Jugg, and my Jugg tank. We had some trouble with the reticle boss that has the blue and red reticles, but we downed him after the 3rd try. Usually if I am in a run with another tank, I’ll just throw my guard on them. I have come really really close to dying on too much trash, but I can usually get through it with burning my DCD’s. I vastly prefer trinity Flashpoints and am trying to get my Juggernaut into 208’s so I can actually start the HM FP’s. I have actually even put KotFE on hold as I have been running these. 😱


    • I actually haven’t seen anyone field respec though. I feel like I would be horrible on DPS because I have just never done it. If someone else goes main tank I do usually go into Shien form and try to DPS in Immortal spec allowing them to take the 100% increase to threat while I follow kill order and try to help with DPS as much as I can.


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