Shout It, Shout It, Shout It Out Loud

Hello, everyone!  I apologize for the extended time between my last post and the next one to come about, but I am currently working on a tanking guide for the Juggernaut class and need some more screenshots in order to finish it. I am probably about 2/3 of the way finished, but I don’t think I will be able to get it posted this week. You can expect it sometime early next week though. As always, I am very interested in community feedback, so please feel free to comment on the guide once it is posted.

On a side note, I want to give a shout out to all those podcasts and bloggers that keep me centered around the SWTOR universe.

Ootinicast, you guys rock and it is always such a pleasure to listen to you (though I am about nine episodes behind!).

Corellian Run Radio:  Heather and Jason, thanks for the opportunity to highlight my guild, The Order of Shadow Knights, on your show. Also, you two are amazing hosts and Heather’s laugh is always great to hear!  It wasn’t until recently that I discovered how much more content you have on the site that is helpful for in-game content.

Healing SWTOR:  Louie, you are one badass healer, and the information you have on your cast is amazing!  It has really helped me become a better healer on my Sorc.

Torocast:  I just started listening to you all, but I have heard of most of you before. This latest episode with XamXam’s appearance was great and the entire episode was very enjoyable. I am looking forward to future episodes and to listening to some of your past ones.

Pretty Little Sith:  I’ve been following Heather’s blog for quite some time-it was the first SWTOR blog I ever read. A large part of the reasoning there was because I was attempting to level a tankasin before I finally scrapped it and rolled the warrior that would become Zernebog.  You keep me interested in SWTOR news and are one of the few blogs that I will read when the posts aren’t related to the game. Congrats on your new house too!

XamXamSays:  I first discovered you when you appeared on Corellian Run Radio during Exploit-gate and really like your insights. From there I searched you out to read what you have to say on a more regular basis. I love your posts and find myself looking toward your blog for PvP information. If anyone ever wants a no-holds-barred review of SWTOR news, look no further than XamXam. Always entertaining and quite insightful.

Ravalation:  Your blog is wonderful. I also really love the fact that you put yourself out there on other blogger’s sites. I have really appreciated the comments you leave here and you always have me looking at my gameplay in a different way. I am a die-hard Imperial, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t respect you Republic players! *wink*

Going Commando in SWTOR:  Shintar, your stuff is new to me and I have been enjoying getting caught up with your posts. It is nice to see so many healer-driven blogs out there, and I am quite happy to see the discussion that is revolving around this role all the time. You bring some great insights into the game!

Pixelkaffe: You had me hooked with your keybinding post and made me look at the way I play differently. I can’t say that I have adopted any of your strategies, but I am glad for the insight. I also like that your posts aren’t all news or gameplay and you take a different view of exploration. I look forward to the posts still to come.

PowerDress Gaming: I think we started at about the same time, and I like your slant as a SWTOR travel agent. It always brings a smile and makes me think about my time in-game not always having to revolve around grinding. It is nice to be reminded that there is a lighter side to game play than gear and leveling.

There are tons more out there, and others that I follow. If I didn’t mention you here it is because I am still getting into your posts. There are several posts that show up in my blog reader that I haven’t had the opportunity to really start looking at. I appreciate everyone that blogs or casts about the SWTOR community, and I thank you all for what you are doing to unite the fans with all the information out there. I know I would never be able to see all of this without your help. Your insights always push me forward with my own gameplay. Thank-you for all that you do!

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to all my friends in the Order of Shadow Knights. You all hold a very special place in my heart and I am so happy that I get to spend my time in-game with you. I have developed some great friendships with many of my guildmates, including (but not limited to): Raveonette, Xargaa, Veenla, Verduga, Steel, Masja, Rohahem, and Allisee. You are all so amazing and make playing SWTOR one of my favorite activities. Never change-you are all perfect the way you are!

May the force serve you well.


Directive 7


I didn’t really get much of a chance to take advantage of the Double XP weekend this past weekend due to the fact that I began a pretty extensive kitchen renovation in my 105-year-old home, but I did get to play a little on my level 50 Sorcerer Healer, Dodola. Directive 7 popped twice through Group Finder (and amazingly enough I got to play with the same Marauder both times). Though a fun flashpoint, I can honestly say that I absolutely HATE this flashpoint-especially the final boss, Mentor. The first run went pretty smoothly, though we did wipe once on Mentor. The Assassin tank on this run was absolutely AMAZING!!! The second run, however, did not go nearly as smoothly. We had a Level 54 Powertech Tank that seemed incredibly squishy, though that could have also been caused by the incredible lag I was experiencing while attempting to run this flashpoint. The tank then decided to rage quit on the mid-point boss, Bulwark. I didn’t really have any time to attempt a second run with the group after the Tank quit, and I feel bad about that, but what can you do? I anxiously await that next level so I can spend the utility point on Force Mobility which will make defeating Mentor so much easier! The fact that Sorc healers are pretty much stationary except for Resurgence until level 51 makes Mentor incredibly difficult due to the need to run away from the claw. I have two tips to offer for players looking to run Directive 7 though. First, and of utmost importance: DO NOT fall into the water!!!!!! This is incredibly annoying and makes the rest of your group feel like you have no idea what you are doing (trust me-I’m the one that fell into the water on both runs). Secondly, if you are tanking, please make sure that your healer is tagging along with you. If you initiate combat away from the healer, you should expect to die or at least come close. I realize that tanks set the pace for the adventure, but please take the time to make sure that the rest of your party is within Line Of Sight before pulling. If you don’t want to wait for your party, expect to die.

Now that I have finished that rant, I would like to note that I had the distinct pleasure of recording a Guild Ready Check with the Pretty Little Sith that will appear on the Corellian Run Radio podcast. I look forward to the exposure that the Order of Shadow Knights may receive from that spot. Make sure you catch Corellian Run Radio and follow Pretty Little Sith at and Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

May the force serve you well.